Orthonex LLC: Innovative Technology 
for Orthopedics and Neurosurgery

Orthonex has pending intellectual property serving different applications in the medical fields of Orthopedics and Neurosurgery.  These applications include: devices for dynamic stabilization of the spine; smart devices for post-operative skeletal adjustment; and specialized instruments for intra-surgical spinal measurements.  The following are Orthonex's technologies that are furthest developed at this time.  If you are interested in information concerning all of Orthonex's pending technologies, then please contact us via the "contact us" button shown above.  These technologies are not yet approved by the FDA for patient care.

Tensile Control Rod (for Dynamic Stabilization of the Spine)

Smart Stabilization (for Dynamic Stabilization of the Spine)

Vertamotion(TM) (for Measurement of Spinal Motion)

Disclaimer: Products based on Orthonex technology are not yet approved by the FDA 
and are not available for patient care. The information provided by this website does not 
constitute medical advice and should not be used for medical decision making.

Dynamic Stabilization of the Spine
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